Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find Snapdragon near me?

We are so glad you are eager to enjoy Snapdragon products! Our products are currently available at Costco and Cost Plus World Market. All regions are, however, on a different ordering pattern so if you cannot find the product locally, some of our retail products can be found on Please know, our team is working hard to widen availability!

I am a retailer and interested in Snapdragon. Who should I contact?

You want us? Well we want you too! Please send a quick note to and we will get you in touch with a sales rep in your area.

What other products do you sell?

Along with our initial launch of our fabulous Vietnamese Pho and Singapore Laksa Curry, we have recently extended line of our retail soup bowls to include Vegetable Pho, Mushroom Pho, and Miso Ramen. We pride ourselves in having delicious, authentic flavors and we hope you will have an opportunity to try all the products Snapdragon has to offer.

Can I purchase the seasoning packet only?

We know you love it, but unfortunately the spice and oil packets are made exclusively for our soup meal kits. We do, however, enjoy feedback from our consumers though, so please shoot us a note to help us better understand your need. You never know what our marketing team will bring to market.

Do you participate in event sponsorship or donations?

We are always excited to receive invitations to participate in local events. Snapdragon is happy to hear you are a fan and appreciate your interest in sharing. However, our event sponsorship program is currently on hold, so we are unable to share samples at this time. 

Is the Snapdragon bowl recyclable?

The individual bowl product line was specifically created for people who were eating on the go. The bowl is made of a material that is intended to stand up to extreme temperatures without creating toxins harmful for consumption. Like many everyday plastic items, the bowls are a level 5 recyclable unit. There are some really great organizations out there making sure this level plastic is not ending up in our landfills. Learn more here.

Can you please lower the sodium content in Snapdragon?

Exciting news! Snapdragon is working to lower the sodium levels in our products. We have taken our customers' concerns to heart and are working to find a way to lower the sodium level without compromising the great taste of our soups.  Please be on the lookout for more to come here soon.